Baked bread for myself yesterday – rosemary and plain white. I also baked a mango upside down cake earlier this week. Kat and Steph G. hiked down from Kat’s vill to visit for the afternoon and we wolfed the whole thing down. Then I made a heavily seasoned pot of tomato soup for lunch and bought chapatti to eat it with. It was a rainy, muggy, muddy day so soup was perfect. They planned to stay the afternoon and return that night, but they ended up staying the night. I gave Kat a super short haircut, and it’s super cute but she thinks she looks like a boy, not helped by Tanzanians who tell her so on a regular basis 😦 it will grow out, but I still think it’s funky.

Big fat lizard just peered in my door at me. ❤

Work is still slow, but I’m still “on it”. Finally I feel like my old confidence is coming back. Researching grad programs is keeping me busy and future-focused. When I look at the calendar I realize how fast this year will go by. 10 more months. Linnea comes end of March. Girls conference is Feb (finally got grant approved!), and grant committee meeting. Malaria training in April. This basketball court thing I want to get moving and finish. COS conference in September. Joe and the EcoExplorers class come in June. Still want to go to Mwanza, Kigoma, Mafia, Matema… like I said, it will fly by.

Meeting today at ward head to choose girls for conference, also to talk about malaria training. Finding new work partners lately, the community change agent volunteer for malaria education, I once thought she was kinda annoying but she’s really dedicated and I’m excited to work with her on these projects. She knows who to talk to about what and is helping me find $ for the malaria training.


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