Mbula only swept one of my garden beds. Progress. Went to do Zinduka today, waited around for Samweli forever til he returned from a meeting that never happened b/c ppl didn’t show up, did not show him that that’s exactly what he did to me just now – if no meeting, just tell me! Hey Tanzania, stop lying to make yourselves look better! It does not do anyone any favors to protect people’s feeling until they are angry and annoyed! Oh well, I’m used to it. It’s funny how they complain about their own culture, like do something about it, start making a change!

Talked to Dr. Today about malaria training, excited to get started but it will be a lot of work/leg work for me, coordinating w/ health center, school and vill government. Dr. is all for it though and we made a list of people to invite or training together.

Looked over World AIDs Day poster contest, excited to do this w/ primary school kids. Will be easy to implement b/c the headmaster is my bestie! Hopefully next week I’ll do that.

Tomato vines did not die, morning glories not so lucky. Planted sunflowers, forget-me-nots and a few marigolds. Courtyard is green and peaceful.

Been roasting my own coffee lately. Can get green bean in the markets, and I roast them in a pot over charcoal, shaking constantly kind of like popcorn. First batch I thought I burned, but I ground it and took it to Christmas at Nana & Terry’s, we brewed it and it tasted delicious! So smooth, dark, faint fruity notes. Second batch I took off heat earlier, is nice but not as dark and heavy.

Been really into Breaking Bad lately. Almost done with season 2, such a good show. Also got shortwave radio to work, the solar doesn’t do anything, but as soon as I put real batteries in I got BBC right away. Now I can know what’s going on in the world. Syria, Mali and India are worrying me for all different reasons.

Went to order a cute dress yesterday! Fun fabric, getting a knee-length dress w/ tea-length sleeves, 3 buttons at high collar, to be worn with my usual belt. Intend to wear in America if it comes out as I imagine. Really like this new seamstress I found in my village, her name is Rose. So nice, listens, sews well with her Arusha education.

Everyone is farming these days. All day the village is empty as everyone is out planting. In the evenings everyone is exhausted, napping under the trees on mats.

Found a new coach for Zinduka – my friend Mariamu or Mama Raia. She is a real Tanzanian woman – farmer, Muslim, mother, wife, and she’s a hoot. Fun to be around and well respected. I know she’ll be a good role model for the girls in Zinduka, and they need her presence.

Stuff is happening!

Set up with women’s group to teach every week a new activity – jam, bread, peanut butter, bug repellant, knitting, cakes, possibly even sewing/beading. Meeting tomorrow to discuss plans.

Have a cold – runny nose made more annoying by fact that toilet paper is so valuable/hard to get.

Grant committee meeting scheduled in Dodoma 2nd week in Feb. Glad I don’t have to go to Dar.

People wanting to change dates for Girls Conference – at this stage really! Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday! Someone else going to America for a wedding. UGH. Sick of “being in charge” of this thing that is supposed to be a group effort.


2 thoughts on “1/23/13

  1. Wow, I get exhausted just reading all you do. You should be proud of the work your doing, even if you have setbacks. We are just up to our eyeballs in winter, looking forward to the springtime. Could you use a care package with tissues or toilet paper? If so, where would I send it.

    Adam has been busy moving into his new place. He and Colin got a house, so now I have an empty nest. So I am adjusting to that. Tyler worked the presidential inauguration, I think he found it interesting but very cold and tiring standing all day. lol

    Take care of yourself, look forward to your next post. Hugs to you.


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