I don’t even know where to start, I’m so behind. Thoughts of the day: I want someone to dance to 80s music with. Ugh 11 more months. Yay for whatever comes next! What the hell comes next? Maybe I’ll use my readjustment allowance to hide away in some beautiful and quiet part of the world and write a book. <- this would be done with two goals – sharing my experiences and ordering my thoughts. Having lots of identity crises lately, anxiety, and of course loneliness. Reading Eat Pray Love, I swear this woman and I are brain twins, though we don’t share the same story. Had mid-service conference couple weeks back. Both good, fun, awesome and stressful, anxiety producing, emotional at same time. In tip-top shape health-wise, no cavities even. I like writing. I think I’ll keep at it. When I die, I want people to be able to know me through my words. I want to leave a legacy. Read Life of Pi – mind blown, still in relative shock over it all. Back in the village, feels like home. Made pickles today – sweet garlic cumin. Wish I had dill. Mini solo 80s dance party, wine in stock, back to Eat Pray Love now, I’m reading it like a textbook.


One thought on “1/18/13

  1. hope this doesnt double post. wordpress is being SUCH a jerk to this dude trying to log his ass in.
    RACHEL! we love and miss you! i dunno if this helps your identity crisis but…
    ever since i met you, i’ve known you to be curious, inquisitive, endlessly kind (to me at least, i dunno bout them other motherfudgers,) and an overachiever. i’ve since then seen you grow your mind and your personality even more. without flaunting it, you’ve now shown us your altruistic side – you care about people and abou the world! you’re a humanitarian who would put her own life on hold for YEARS to help others! very humbled watching your journey.
    cant wait to see you again and catch up, OR if you become a writer hermit lady, cant wait to read your book some day 🙂

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